Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FREE MAC: A Benefit Concert for a Living Legend

Everybody has a story to tell. Sometimes, a person's story will give you the chills or make you sit back and reflect on how blessed you are NOT to be in their shoes. In comes McKinley Phipps, better known to the world as "MAC," the former No Limit Records recording artist. Master P knew he was a gem from the start. A lyrical genius, way before his time, MAC was signed to No Limit after building a local buzz thru recordings with Mannie Fresh (youtube: "I Need Wheels") and the infamous New Orleans MC crew, The Psychoward, which he helped to start in 1993. Rumor has it that Def Jam had planned on offering MAC a record deal, but the day before they flew down, Master P snatched the young superstar up.

Mac's career on No Limit included the release of his album "Shell Shocked" in 1998 and his sophomore release "World War III" in 1999. Unfortunately, just when things were getting brighter for the young artist, on Feb 22nd, 2000 his life changed. Prior to hosting a concert to promote his World War III album in St. Tammany Parish, an altercation erupted involving MAC's entourage and an angry fan, stemming from problems incited from a previous concert. A fight broke out and 19 year old Barron Victor Jr., the cousin of the disgruntled fan, tried to play the part of peacemaker, but was fatally shot in the shoulder. Mac allegedly popped out out of nowhere and shot Victor, then fled back to his Baton Rouge residence without any resistance from the victim's family or friends who were there at the time. ??????????????
Booked with negligent manslaughter, he finally had his day in court in September of 2001 and was sentenced a day after the most infamous date in history "September 11th." Despite a TAPED CONFESSION to the crime given by an in-law of Mac (which was thrown out by the court) & regardless of the fact that the murder weapon was never found, Mac, who was 22 years old at the time, was sentenced to 30 years. With little evidence to convict him, his rap moniker "The Camouflage Assassin", and spotlighted lyrics from a few of his songs were enough to wrongly convince the jury to view this young man as a threat to society.
There are many more horrific details pertaining to MAC's case that I have omitted for the sake of space, but that i will gladly share with anyone who asks.

So where does that leave us?

Well, its time for action.
Anyone who has my album "David & Goliath" knows that i have a song on there dedicated to MAC, entitled "Living Legend." Like I said on the album, its more than just a song, its a call to action. Justice will not be served until Mac is given a fair trial and is acquitted of this wrongful conviction.

MAC is like a big brother to me, and although I'm no miracle worker, I'm down to play my part to help his cause.

Therefore, I proudly announce......

The 1st Annual LIVING LEGEND BENEFIT CONCERT: Honoring McKinley "MAC" Phipps.

So far, the lineup includes myself, Dee-1, DJ Raj Smoove, DJ EF Cuttin, Shamarr Allen, New Era Brass Band, Truth Universal, former NO LIMIT RECORDS recording artists, former members of the Psychoward, and more SURPRISE GUESTS TBA.

Date: Sat. AUGUST 1ST, 2009
Venue: TIPITINA'S (New Orleans)
Time: 9:00 pm-2:00 am
Admission: $10 all nite


We will also be screening the unreleased documentary, "THE CAMOUFLAGED TRUTH" which is narrated by C-Murder and contains never before seen footage and testimonies regarding MAC's case.

by David "Dee-1" Augustine

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