Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dee-1's New "Jay, 50 & Weezy" Video Hits the Internet!

New Orleans hip-hop artist, Dee-1, recently released a ground breaking video about a dream that he met Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. The meeting starts off with Dee-1 making a humble introduction, rapping with a New Orleans accent "I grew up listening to all of y'all, from the Block is Hot, to 'Get Rich' to 'Blueprint' I bought it all". He addresses each artist and explains his opinion that basically with their level of success and power they could be doing a lot more to better the communities that support their music. He doesn't go so far as to "diss" the artists, as they have all earned their stature in their own right, but he makes a compelling case for more unity within the hip-hop's most elite circles.

Dee-1 is a force to be reckoned with. Is the mainstream ready for an artist like Dee-1? I think so. Dee-1 exemplifies the balance between flow, content, swagger, and passion that all of the greatest MC's have shown in one way or another. I think Dee-1's message actually allows him to reap massive benefits from potential sponsorships and endorsements as his image and lyrical responsibility make him an ideal candidate to reach a wider cross-over multi-generational audience.

This video is just the beginning. Expect to see more from this young lyrical impresario with his highly anticipated mixtape coming soon; "I Hope They Hear Me 2."

I think the world is finally starting to hear Dee-1, so get in on the ground floor, because we will all reap the benefits of his successes in the music industry. Maybe it will finally be cool again to rap about anything other than sex, drugs and money.


Friday, July 30, 2010

NOLA.COM: "New Orleans musicians create song, video to express views on Gulf of Mexico oil spill"

New Orleans musicians create song, video to express views on Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Published: Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 7:50 PM

Shamarr Allen, Dee-1, Paul Sanchez and Bennie Pete from the Hot 8 Brass Band speak out on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in the song "Sorry Ain't Enough No More." The video can be seen here, and the song can be downloaded for free.

The video, directed by Allen, is partially set in Grand Isle. The music incorporates rap vocals, a verse from the folksier Sanchez and a trumpet solo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Dee-1 Video Premiere of "No Applause": plus 2-Cent's I HOPE THEY SEE ME Campaign

This video is very well produced, and the song goes hard! Dee-1 really shows what he can do on these top tier industry beats, and B. Mike of 2-Cent provides a professional backdrop to highlight Dee-1's marketable image.

Can't wait to see what's next on the agenda for Dee-1 and Brandon "B. Mike" Odums', "I HOPE THEY HEAR ME / I HOPE THEY SEE ME" Campaign. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Mixtape Awakens Sleeping Fans, Critics

Dee-1 expands his brand with latest batch of musical mastery

New Orleans, LA- On April 21st, 2010, New Orleans hip-hop artist Dee-1 will release his latest musical effort in the form of a mixtape entitled, “I Hope They Hear Me!”. Fans can download the new mixtape from this Wednesday, and Dee-1 is encouraging his fans to bootleg and burn copies in order to “share the wealth” with unfamiliar audiences. When it comes to a wealth of music, Dee-1 is living large.

After the rave reviews and undeniable response to his debut album release, “David & Goliath,” Dee-1 was happy but far from complacent with his early successes. Dee-1 is hitting his loyal fan base with an array of highly anticipated new recordings, and better yet, he is making it available for free download. While many new and old fans will be able to download the music free of charge (and share it virally), he will also be providing them with the option to “Donate” through a PayPal link on his website, allowing his most diehard fans to assign their own value to the project. This “Pay What You Will” model was made famous by Radio Head, however, it’s full potential has yet to be seen in the urban music market.

According to Dee-1, the new material “makes a statement” about his position in the rap game; a position which is continually rising higher and higher, though he is still being denied the recognition he deserves. While music critics and industry shot callers have clearly acknowledged Dee-1’s unique ability to blend lyrical content with mainstream appeal, they tend to underestimate his potential as a major driving force in the forthcoming renaissance of hip-hop music and culture. The demand for Dee-1’s brand of music is clearly there; any astute observer can see the growing indifference to typical terrestrial radio, the discontent with mediocre live performers and the hunger for new fresh sounds found throughout the underground blog sites and social networking sites. For more information, contact Fatima Aarabi by phone (504)-234-8958, email, or visit

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dee-1 returns to the Republic for Throwback Night!!!

If you missed Dee-1's last record breaking performance at Republic New Orleans, you definitely don't want to miss this one!

Dee-1 returns to the Republic with an NBA JAM's Throwback Night, performing with his live band.

Also, opening for Dee-1 is special guest comedian, Eric Patrick!

Show starts at 10pm so get there early to avoid the long lines!

Special basketballs autographed by Dee-1 will be awarded to the Top Three Best Dressed!

In case you missed the last big show, here is some video footage of his last performance at the Republic...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Drew Brees"- New Track by Dee-1

From the artist that brought "Bring Em to the Dome" to the Who Dat Nation, comes an entirely new song for the Saints' own leader and quarterback, Drew Brees! Dee-1 does a great job (with production by Danny Kartel) on this new anthem-Drew Brees for MVP of the NFL!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dee-1's Saints Anthem Takes Who Dat Nation by Storm

New Orleans, LA, December 1st, 2009 - In the midst of an emerging trend of New Orleans Saints anthems, David “Dee-1” Augustine and Shamarr Allen’s “Bring ‘Em to the Dome” has risen to the top as a cross-over hit single. Blending jazz, rock and hip-hop into an appetizing musical gumbo, both artists have managed to bring together various influences and sub-cultures in New Orleans to create a universal anthem for the “Who Dat” nation.

Augustine and Allen collaborated on the song in early August with the hopes of releasing the song as the official Saints Anthem of the 2009-2010 season. After meeting with representatives of the Saints Organization and the Louisiana Superdome and pitching the song in hopes of gaining their official support, they quickly realized that they would first have to prove the songs’ potential in the New Orleans market.

Relying on Youtube and other social networking sites, along with dozens of live performances across the city, the word of mouth buzz quickly spread throughout New Orleans and the rest of the state of Louisiana. The Youtube video, under the same title, “Bring ‘Em to the Dome”, has jumped up to over 76,000 views and counting in just three short months. The Youtube phenomenon has collected hundreds of comments vowing loyalty and support for the Saints, including “Who Dats” declaring their encouragement via the internet from places as far as Utah, Hawaii, Florida and Connecticut. Clearly, this internet sensation has connected a New Orleans diaspora reaching far across the nation.

“Bring Em to the Dome” was the #2 most downloaded song in the world on for three straight weeks in November, and it is now available on iTunes. Most recently, the popularity of the song has lead to officials at the Superdome finally acknowledging the song’s cross-over success, playing the anthem for the first time in the Superdome at the Saints’ home game versus the Carolina Panthers.

Allen and Augustine have both met a great deal of success in their music careers prior to the new anthem, allowing the song to quickly spread out from their fan bases to new listeners around Louisiana. Like any true Saints fans, they both hope to see their “Boys in the Black & Gold” make it to the Super Bowl this year- and of course the growing legacy of their new anthem would be icing on the cake.

For additional information on Dee-1 and Shamarr Allen, call Ben Brubaker at 504.615.2844, email, or visit and